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Top Fintech Tools That Have Changed the Financial Industry

Taking your business to the next level, you need to ensure that you’re doing everything right. Sounds easy? Well, it isn’t because no matter how hard you try, you’ll miss something. But that’s not it.

When it comes to incorporating best practices, most people and companies focus on using tools that they deem fit for their needs. However, one needs to peak at what’s in the market and what innovation can be incorporated as well.

top fintech tools

For businesses, taking advantage of Fintech tools is important in today’s world. For those who don’t know, Fintech tools help you manage your ledger and records effectively. These make things smoother, and faster and enhance collaboration between associated entities.

Well, if you’re handling a business, then it’s imperative to get one or more Fintech tools to get the level of utility your business requires. For that purpose, we’re sharing some amazing options that are ranked the highest in the market. So, let’s get started:


With automation benefits that help manage things efficiently to time-saving processes, Zenefits is one of the best Fintech tools to get your hands on. In addition to the above, it also allows businesses to manage things according to compliance policies.

Plus, it helps to manage the financial aspects with respect to Regtech. For those who don’t know, Regtech is another emerging platform combining technology for regulation purposes. It’s useful for banking, finance management, communication, and energy industries.

With Zenefits, companies can easily integrate Regtech for managing regulation processes. Alongside, you’ll need reliable internet such as Wave Broadband to get things underway and processed smoothly.


Featuring payroll benefits and resource organization functions, Gusto is another reputed Fintech tool that your company can utilize. The good thing about the tool is that it comes with easy functions that help with managing your resources without ample training needed.

You can even set it up easily without any hassle, integrating it with existing systems. Plus, it’s budget-friendly and can easily help save budget. As for the workability, it allows automation as well as managing payrolls effectively so that there aren’t any delays.

It also has an integrated feature for handling worker’s compensation as well as managing benefits without any hassle.


If you’re offering benefits to your employees, then Guideline is another Fintech tool to get. What’s amazing is that it allows easy plan management that will make employee benefit management compellingly easy.

In addition, it comes with automatic enrollment, which you can sort according to employee eligibility and let it function on its own. The automatic management is quite effective and employees can easily manage their accounts without any delays or hassles.

Apart from this, you’ll find it budget-friendly with no hidden costs, which is why it’s a great choice for organizations that are on a strict budget. Plus, there’s a flat fee, which the users can pay, keeping costs transparent and low.


As cool as the name sounds, Expensify is another amazing Fintech tool in the market with great repute. Amongst its benefits and perks, it comes with easy employee expense tracking that you can choose for your company.

Next, it comes with business benefits that allow employees to get easy access to reimbursement functions. Apart from this, you can also use this tool to categorize expenses as needed, making it easier for the employees to access records accordingly.

Another important and appealing element about the tool is that it comes with a photo-saving feature too. This feature allows employees to take photos of receipts that they can store for later usage and tracking.

Apart from this, employees and administrators can also update payment and expenses whenever reimbursement transactions have been completed. In other words, transactional updates are not time-consuming.


What if instead of managing reimbursement programs for your employees, you can pay ahead of time? Well, with Emburse, you can actually do that. It’s one of the cool features of this tool that makes it quite demanding and you should surely get it.

In addition to this, it creates virtual credit cards too, and as evident from the name, these cards can help employees manage expenses beforehand. These can be assigned according to the business, department, or employee tiers.

You can also set automatic approvals as per the tier levels, minimizing the process delays. Plus, when it comes to managing these, you can easily add tracking that would monitor processes with these cards.

Closing Notes

Well, these are some of the amazing Fintech tools that you can get for your organization and employee management. Just ensure that you’re acquiring a tool according to your company’s or business’s needs so that integration won’t be a hassle.

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