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How to Improve GoPro Microphone Audio Quality

Updated: Nov 9, 2022

Using a GoPro to capture the action on the go is a great option, but the primary focus of the GoPro is to capture incredible moments on camera. That is to say that audio sometimes gets forgotten in terms of audio quality.

So if you are wondering how to improve your GoPro audio quality, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will go over three options for you to improve your GoPro audio with these simple GoPro tips easily.

Do GoPros Record Sound?

Yes, GoPros record sound, but the GoPro audio quality is not great.

Option Number 1: Fix the Audio in Editing

You might be wondering, “Do GoPros record sound?”. The answer is yes, but not that well. Older GoPro cameras did not record audio with excellent quality. However, many people now have problems with GoPro cameras because the microphones are too sensitive.

Dampening the audio and adjusting the highs in post-production is the most affordable tip on this list, but it might also be the most frustrating. If you are short on cash and hoping to improve the quality of an existing GoPro recording, this will be your best option.

Audio editing software commonly has options for audio heavy in windy sounds, and there are many guides on how to deal with windy audio in post-production!

Option Number 2: Purchase a Windscreen or Windslayer

You are likely doing some cool and adventurous activities when using a GoPro. GoPros are commonly used when rock climbing, surfing, cycling, and a plethora of options that can all be highly exposed to the elements. As we mentioned, the newer GoPro built-in microphones are much more sensitive.

The wind is the number one enemy of the newer GoPro microphones. Investing in a windscreen that will cover your GoPro camera (not the actual lens) and dampen the effects of the wind is a great way to combat this issue without investing in an external microphone for your GoPro.

While this isn’t the best way on this list, it is certainly better than trying to edit wind sounds to be quieter in post-production. You will save time and a headache by investing in a simple windscreen to solve your problems!

Option Number 3: Invest in an External Microphone for Your GoPro

The best GoPro microphone is unfortunately not built into the GoPro camera itself. This option is for those who want to up the quality of their GoPro audio to have the absolute best results possible when recording on the go.

When purchasing an external microphone for your GoPro camera, you will likely want to select a right-angle mini microphone to focus the sound. This option will help you eliminate unnecessary background noise you are not necessarily trying to pick up. Also, if you are planning on speaking while using your GoPro, having a directional mic is a great choice.

The external microphone is the best option on this list by far, but we understand that not everyone can afford to add a new piece of equipment!

So, Which Option Should You Choose?

We highly recommend investing in an action camera microphone attachment for your GoPro if you can afford it. An external microphone will undoubtedly provide you with the most significant improvement to your sound quality.

However, if you are strapped for cash, using a windscreen is also a good option. Eliminating wind is a substantial audio saver for GoPros. You will probably even want one for your new external microphone if that is the option you choose. Editing is also an acceptable option for those looking for a free option, but it may not be sustainable for long-form GoPro content.

We hope you enjoyed these GoPro tips and tricks to improve your audio! If you are looking for a camera for snorkeling, a GoPro works great!

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