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Why You Need SEO Content Writing Services

Updated: Nov 9, 2022

What is SEO

SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization" It’s a hyper-powerful marketing technique that helps you optimize your content for search engine results by using keywords to help your business get better search results and traffic.

Now, why is this revolutionary? It’s revolutionary because it allows you to target your ideal customer, so you can write directly to your ideal customer and they will be more likely to see your content.

This means that you will get a greater conversion rate for your leads, and you will also be able to develop a better relationship with your customers, which will increase their LTV(lifetime value).

It's the best ROI for any of your advertising needs. You get more trust and a better relationship with your customers, and you get new traffic that is relevant to your product.

But there is one issue with SEO…the issue is that it is difficult to execute perfectly, and that problem will be solved in the next section…

What is SEO Content Writing

The definition of content writing is in the name…Content Writing means: writing content.

It seems very simple when you look at it from an outside perspective, but looks can be deceiving, especially when you are talking about content writing.

There are hundreds of niches for content writing, some of the biggest ones are; web content writing, and blog writing.

These niches are big because high-quality writing that uses SEO is mainly found on websites and blog pages.

Overall, content writing is a complex skill and if you utilize it correctly, you will get a lot of new customers begging for your content because they are the ones that want to see it.

Now let's talk about how you can use SEO to help you get more cold traffic.

The main 2 ways that you can use SEO are the ways that I mentioned earlier; web content writing, and blog post writing.

To use SEO effectively in these areas, you have to start from the beginning and go to the roots of the tree.

Just like a tree, your SEO content cannot be effective if your foundation isn't stable.

So how do you build a good SEO foundation? You start with a few keywords.

These keywords should be things that your ideal customer will look up.

Let's say that you run a basketball coaching business, some good keywords to use in a blog post would be; "how to dribble a basketball” or ” basketball shooting form”.

These keywords are great because they are common search terms for a beginner who is trying to learn basketball (the ideal avatar for the basketball business).

You need to put yourself into your avatar's shoes so you can find out what they search up, so you can personalize the content for them.

BONUS: How to easily find your keywords for SEO.

To easily find SEO keywords you can do two things; you can use keyword finders like Ahrefs. As you can see below, the keyword "SEO content writing services" has a low keyword difficulty and 400 searches per month.

Ahrefs Keyword Finder

Once you find an ideal keyword, type it into Google and analyze what is ranking on page one. This article ranks on the first page for SEO content writing services, therefore this is the type of content the searchers are looking for with this specific query.

I would personally recommend using keyword finders for 1-2 articles and then brainstorming them yourself for the rest of your SEO content.

I recommend this because the keyword finders will help you get an idea of what keywords have high search volume, and then once you brainstorm the keywords you will get some better and more relatable words because you are the only one who knows your ideal avatar.

But implementing these keywords into your articles and website is very difficult and this will once again be solved in the next section…

What are SEO Content Writing Services

When you hire an SEO content writer they will provide SEO content writing services, some of these services are website content writing and blog post content writing.

I keep mentioning website and blog post writing because they are the most important places where you use SEO, but it is hard to optimally use SEO for these things so that's where an SEO content writer comes in.

To master SEO it takes years because you have to find where to put your keywords, and how you can still make your article flow while having these keywords sprinkled throughout the article.

The easiest way to get perfectly optimized content is to hire a writer who has years of experience to do it for you.

Hiring sounds intimidating at first, but once you realize that this is safe and the best way to get optimized content, you will practically be throwing your money at content writers because they will be the best way to help your business.

I don't want to force you to hire a content writer, so I will show you the biggest benefit of a content writer, and then you can make the decision to hire or not based on the best thing for your business.

The biggest benefit of a content writer is that you can niche down and get someone with years of expertise for the service that you need.

This means that you can find a web content writer for your website or someone who does blog writing services for your blog, and they will have years of experience with websites or blogs to help you optimally use SEO so you can get all the benefits listed earlier without the hard work of learning SEO.

So now it's up to you; you can hire a content writer in a specific niche to help you scale and get more traffic, or you can learn SEO yourself and you would still learn how to maximize your writing, it would just take a couple of years instead of optimizing right now.

What Does SEO Content Writing Services Include

SEO content writers provide various benefits for your site including keyword research and engaging content.

Engaging content

Including keywords in your content is not enough to get ranked on Google. If nobody engages with your post and finds value, then Google will not give it a good ranking.

SEO keyword research

A crucial part of putting content on your site is finding the best keywords. If you find a high-volume search query, it is an excellent idea to provide quality content surrounding the query.

On-page optimization

SEO content writing services come with professional writers that understand the details of SEO. Therefore, they will inform you on how to format your articles including the important SEO factors like the URL, title tag, and meta description.

The Best Financial SEO Content Writing Services

If you need high-quality SEO articles within the financial niche, Financial Tech Wiz is the best service to use. The prices are competitive and you will receive high-quality content with expert guidance on how to upload it to your site.

SEO Content Writing Services: Bottom Line

If you skim or skip to the bottom of this article you are clearly very busy so I will make this summary quick.

SEO is defined as "Search Engine Optimization" you can use this brand-new marketing technique to help you target your ideal avatar with your writing, this means that your content will feel personalized to the ideal avatar and they will be more likely to buy your product from cold leads.

To use SEO you find keywords that your ideal avatar would search and you sprinkle them throughout the article, the difficult part about this is making your writing flow while still including all the keywords that you need.

To fix the issue of flow you can hire a content writer in a specific niche like a web content writer or someone who provides blog writing services. This isn't a necessary step it just helps you speed up the process of your content optimization journey.

That's the end of this article, get out there and start optimizing!

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