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Fidelity vs. tastytrade – A Detailed Comparison

Discover our detailed comparison of Fidelity and tastytrade to help determine which is best for you. Whether you’re a seasoned trader or just starting out, choosing the right platform can significantly impact your trading experience. 

To make your research easier, we manually found key data for Fidelity and tastytrade across the internet and compiled it all in this article. 

Key Characteristics of Fidelity and tastytrade

Feature Fidelity tastytrade
Platform Type Brokerage Platform Brokerage Platform
Tradeable Assets Stocks, ETFs, Mutual Funds, Options, Index Options, Bonds Stocks, ETFs, Options, Index Options, Futures, Futures Options, Crypto, Bonds
Charting Features Active Trader Pro Platform Downloadable desktop platform and web app
Data Real-time data with funded account Real-time data with funded account
Premium Pricing No premium features No premium features
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Overview of Fidelity

Fidelity is a well-established brokerage firm known for its comprehensive range of financial services. It is one of the only institutions that offers zero-cost mutual funds, at the expense of less frequent dividend payments. While they don’t offer leverage products like futures, they allow you to invest in crypto, and they are one of the only brokerages that provides custody of the fund’s Bitcoin.

Overview of tastytrade

tastytrade is a brokerage platform built for active traders, especially options traders. It was founded by Tom Sosnoff, who also founded the thinkorswim platform. Sosnoff recently sold tastytrade to IG, and is still the main host of his financial education company tastylive.

Who is Fidelity Best For?

Fidelity is best for long-term investors, but not as much for active traders seeking leveraged products like futures contracts. However, the options trading fees are competitive, they provide many low-cost investment funds, and they allow you to invest in cryptocurrency, making it a great all-around brokerage.

Who is tastytrade Best For?

tastytrade is best for active traders, especially those who want a high tier margin account and low fees for futures and options trades. The platform is also great for regular investors with features like fractional shares. Additionally, you can trade cryptocurrency on the platform.

Trading Features and Tools

Feature Fidelity tastytrade
DRIP Yes, no fees Yes, no fees to enable, but clearing fee to sell fractional shares
Margin Trading Yes Yes
Insurance SIPC Insured SIPC Insured
Mobile App Yes Yes
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Trading Costs and Commissions Compared

Fee Type Fidelity tastytrade
Equity Commission Free Free
Option Commission $0.65 per contract $1 to Open, Free to Close
Futures Commission No futures $1.25 per contract, $0.85 micro, $0.25 smalls
Futures Options Commission No futures options $2.50 per contract, $1.50 micro
Option Exercise Fee None $5 fee
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Fidelity vs tastytrade – Bottom Line

Choosing between Fidelity and tastytrade depends on your specific trading needs, preferred trading tools, and the type of assets you’re interested in. 

Both platforms offer distinct advantages, but by considering the detailed comparison above, you can select the one that aligns best with your trading strategy and goals.

For more detailed reviews and comparisons, continue exploring our other articles on brokerage platform comparisons.

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