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TradingView | How to Remove Indicators From Your Chart

TradingView offers an array of tools and indicators designed to facilitate your trading experience. However, understanding how to manage these indicators is key to an organized and efficient trading experience.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to remove and manage indicators in TradingView.

How to Remove Indicators From a TradingView Chart

Removing indicators in TradingView is a straightforward process:

  • Click the arrow button under the symbol name to open the chart legend.
  • This will reveal a list of the indicators currently on your chart.
  • Hover your mouse over an indicator to display the management options:
    • The ‘X’ button removes the indicator.
    • The gear icon allows you to adjust its settings.
    • The eye icon enables you to hide the indicator.

Remember, if you’re uncertain of an indicator’s name, click on it directly on the chart. This action highlights its name in the menu, allowing you to identify it easily.

Customizing Indicator Settings

Alongside removing indicators, TradingView also lets you tweak their settings. Clicking on the gear icon opens various customization options, helping you tailor the indicator to your needs. For more information on indicators, check out our article on the Best TradingView Indicators.

How to Hide an Indicator on TradingView

Another feature for managing indicators is the ‘eye’ icon. Clicking this hides the chosen indicator from the chart without completely removing it, a handy tool for comparing scenarios with and without specific indicators.

Indicators and the Implied Volatility Chart

In addition to standard price charts, TradingView also offers an Implied Volatility (IV) chart. Used correctly, this tool, combined with your choice of indicators, can be a powerful strategy. Learn more about how to use indicators effectively with the IV chart in our TradingView Implied Volatility Chart post.

Wrapping Up: Streamline Your Trading Experience

Knowing how to manage your indicators on TradingView helps streamline your trading experience. It clears your workspace, optimizes your technical analysis, and, ultimately, supports better trading decisions.

We encourage you to apply the insights from this guide and take full advantage of TradingView’s robust functionalities. You should also check out how to remove layouts on TradingView.

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