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Option Omega Discount Code – 50% Off Coupon

Option Omega is my favorite options backtesting software, and they allow me to provide Financial Tech Wiz readers with a coupon code so you can get 50% off your first year.

Option Omega Discount Code – FinancialTechWiz (50% Off First Year)

It is pretty simple to get Option Omega at 50% off; all you must do is click my affiliate link, and the discount will be automatically applied. If you have already signed up for an account but have yet to pay, you can also enter the discount code: FinancialTechWiz to claim your discount.

Is Option Omega Worth the Cost?

I have used Option Omega personally, and I believe it is the best options backtesting software available. It uses 1-minute historical data, the best I have ever seen. Plus, it is an automated backtesting software, which means you can test 10+ years of data in just minutes. 

option omega discount code: FinancialTechWIz

Maximizing Your Subscription With the Discount

My Option Omega discount code works for both annual and monthly plans, which is great for you since you can run all the backtests you need and then cancel if you don’t need the software anymore.

You can easily backtest several strategies in the first month, export them to CSV files, and save them on Google Drive or your PC to ensure you keep your backtesting data, even if you decide to cancel your subscription. 

Additionally, you can always resubscribe to Option Omega using my discount code if you want to use it again.  

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