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How to Save Chart Layouts & Indicator Templates on TradingView

This comprehensive guide will walk you through the process of saving chart layouts and templates, managing multiple charts, and addressing common questions related to saving charts on TradingView.

Understanding Layouts vs. Templates

Layouts and templates are two similar features on TradingView that help you customize and organize your charts.

  • Layouts refer to the overall configuration of a chart, including chart type, indicators, drawings, style, and background.
  • Templates are used to save a specific set of indicators and timeframes applied to a chart but do not include drawings.
how to save chart layouts

How to Save a Chart Layout on TradingView

Follow these simple steps to save a chart layout on TradingView:

  • Open a chart and customize the settings, such as drawings and indicators
  • Click the “Save” (CTRL + S) button located in the top right corner of the chart window
  • You can rename the layout by clicking the arrow to the left of the search icon and then clicking rename

If you turn off autosave, your layout will not automatically update with any new changes to the indicators or drawings you make.

If you use drawing tools, ensure that you save your work when autosave is off if you wish to keep the drawings. 

It’s a good practice to organize your chart layouts with descriptive names, making it easier to locate them later.

How to Load Saved Layouts on TradingView

how to load tradingview layout

To load a previously saved layout:

  • Click the arrow button in the top right corner of the chart window
  • Select “Load Layout” from the dropdown menu
  • Choose the desired layout or template from the list to load it

How to Save an Indicator Template on TradingView

Saving an indicator template, including any indicators you’ve applied, is easy:

  • Open a chart and apply the desired indicators and timeframes
  • Click the “Indicator Templates” button in the top left of the chart window next to indicators
  • Click save indicator template
  • Give your template a name and press save
how to save indicator template tradingview

How to Load Saved Indicator Templates on TradingView

To load a saved indicator template:

  • Click the indicator template icon
  • Click the indicator template you wish to load

Exporting Chart Data from TradingView

To export chart data as a CSV file for further analysis:

  • Click the arrow icon at the top right of the screen
  • Click export chart data
  • Click the “Export” button to download the data as a CSV file

Saving and Managing Multiple Charts on TradingView

TradingView allows you to save multiple charts, which is perfect for tracking different assets and timeframes. The platform permits a maximum of 10 layouts and templates to be saved, providing ample space for most users.

Saving TradingView Charts for Offline Use

Unfortunately, TradingView does not offer a built-in feature to save charts for offline use. As a web-based platform, an active internet connection is required to access and interact with charts. However, you can take a screenshot of your chart using the camera image at the top right of the chart.

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How to Save Charts on TradingView | Bottom Line

Saving charts on TradingView is a fundamental skill that enhances your trading experience by helping you organize, track, and review your analysis over time.

By following the steps outlined in this guide, you’ll be well-equipped to create and manage your chart layouts and templates effectively.

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