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The 9 Best Options Trading Books You Must Read

Updated: 5 days ago

If you want to understand options trading on a higher level, these books allow you to learn from the greatest options traders ever.

Educate yourself about options

Learning how to trade options can seem impossible for a beginner. However, these option trading books make learning how to trade options a breeze. Dedicate some time to reading these books, and you will surely be able to confidently place trades in no time.

Benefits of reading options trading books

The benefit of reading the best books on options trading is learning from the greatest traders of all time. Unfortunately, options are a complex financial instrument, and it can be challenging for beginners to grasp how they work.

  • Learn from the greatest traders of all time

  • There are great options trading books for beginners and advanced traders

  • Improve your trading psychology

Short-term options trading is much different than stock investing. Therefore, you must spend much more time researching options trading than investing in stocks or index funds. If you want to improve your knowledge about trading options, these are the best options trading books available.

The best options trading books:

1- Options as a Strategic Investment

Lawrence McMillan’s book Options as a Strategic Investment is arguably the most popular book about trading options and is often referred to as the bible of options trading. If you are interested in options, this book is the first place many experienced traders would urge you to start learning.

This book is over 1,000 pages long and covers some trading strategies and which type of market they work the best in. McMillan also detailed index and futures options and the tax treatment of profits and losses as an options trader.

Options as a Strategic Investment: Fifth Edition

2- Options Volatility and Pricing: Advanced Trading Strategies and Techniques

Sheldon Natenberg is a well-known veteran in the options trading community with over three decades of options experience. His journey started as an independent floor trader at the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE), so you know he has plenty of hands-on experience with options.

This book is one of the few that stands a chance of being compared with Options as a Strategic Investment and is a must-read for anybody aspiring to learn about trading options.

Option Volatility and Pricing: Advanced Trading Strategies and Techniques, 2nd Edition

3- Options Trading Crash Course

If you are a beginner and want an easy-to-understand book, this one may be right for you. Frank Richmond’s Options Trading Crash Course is an excellent choice if you are not entirely familiar with options trading terminology.

The simplicity of this book makes it much easier to read than the others on this list, but the content is also not as rich. It is an excellent book to consider if you are still undecided about options and do not feel like learning all of the terms.

Options Trading Crash Course: The #1 Beginner's Guide to Make Money with Trading Options in 7 Days

4- Trading Options Greeks: How Time, Volatility, and Other Pricing Factors Drive Profits

If you want to master the option greeks, Trading Options Greeks: How Time, Volatility, and Other Pricing Factors Drive Profits is a great place to start. Option pricing is dependent on many factors, including the greeks. To have in-depth knowledge about options, one must understand how each of the greeks will affect an options price.

This book will demonstrate multiple options trading strategies that profit as the greeks change. It also covers how the greeks can spot profitable opportunities in the market.

Trading Options Greeks: How Time, Volatility, and Other Pricing Factors Drive Profits

5- The 3 Best Option Trading Strategies for Beginners: The Ultimate Guide by Freeman Publications

While this book is targeted toward beginners, the options trading strategies that the book lays out are helpful for all levels of options traders. The strategies covered include iron condors, covered calls, and credit spreads.

The book covers picking the right strategy for your portfolio and managing your risk while trading options. The three methods within this book perform well in all types of markets and are easy to implement.

The 3 Best Option Trading Strategies for Beginners: The Ultimate Guide by Freeman Publications

6- Options Trading: The Bible: 4 in 1

This 4-in-1 options trading book set teaches advanced strategies in a way that even beginners can utilize. If you are interested in day trading options, this series will cover it in depth.

It also covers the psychological aspects of trading, which is crucial to becoming a profitable options trader. Additionally, this set will cover all technical definitions of terms every trader should know.

Options Trading: The Bible: 4 in 1

7- Trading Options For Dummies by (Fourth Edition)

This book is a fantastic guide on options trading for all types of traders, regardless of your experience level. The author, Joe Duarte, covers the options trading approach from start to finish, ensuring new traders do not feel left behind.

The book covers all the options trading basics, such as the different option types and how to use technical analysis to improve your options strategies. Regardless of the market conditions, this book will educate you on how to improve your portfolio returns trading options.

Trading Options For Dummies by (Fourth Edition)

8- Understanding Options

This book is an excellent guide that provides practical options trading advice. It covers risk management and executing various options strategies, making it great for beginners who want to improve their skills.

The book also includes many charts and statistics to provide the reader with real market data. If you are looking for a simple guide to improve your options trading knowledge and trading profitability, Understand Options is a great choice.

Understanding Options

9- The Options Playbook

This book is written by Brian Overby and covers many practical options trading topics. It also discusses common mistakes that beginners can easily avoid.

The book also covers risk management, which is a crucial topic, especially for new traders who have never experienced market volatility. This book is an excellent choice if you want to learn about easily implementable options trading strategies.

The Options Playbook

The Best Options Trading Books: Bottom Line

These books allow you to learn from the greatest options traders of all time. However, options knowledge is only as valuable as the trader behind the execution.

Understanding trading strategies is entirely different from being able to trade profitably. When you enter trades, emotions rush in and can hinder your actions.

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