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How You Can Get a TradingView Free Trial

Updated: 2 days ago

TradingView is one of the best platforms providing charts currently available on the internet. Although you can still use it with absolutely zero issues for free, TradingView offers multiple subscription plans with countless different tools.

Does TradingView Have a Free Trial?

Yes, Tradingview offers free trials for its upgraded plans (Pro, Pro+, and Premium). When you use my link, you will also get $30 toward your subscription if you decide to continue after 30 days.

Tradingview usually offers free trials for its new platform users, although this is subject

to change. The best way to find out if Tradingview is currently offering free trials is to

follow the instructions below or simply look at their website.

How to Get a TradingView Free Trial

Trials aren't accessible with existing plans or by users that are currently logged into an

existing account.

If you want to create a new account, it's important to note that TradingView has a strict policy around registering multiple accounts.

Therefore, if you already have an existing account, consider deleting it along with any old accounts.

That being said, opening a NEW Tradingview account to trial an upgraded TradingView

plan is definitely worth the effort!

Trialing the Pro, Pro+, or Premium is hands down the best way to figure out what those features provide and which is best suited for you.

A free trial allows you to make a more informed decision before subscribing.

Also, if one particular plan suits you perfectly, I highly recommend taking the 'Annual' subscription option and taking advantage of discounts offered to annual subscribers.

Here are step-by-step instructions to get access to a TradingView free trial:

1. If you are a NEW TradingView user, skip to Step 2. If you already have a TradingView

account. Make sure you're signed out, and refer to the section above regarding multiple


2. Go to the TradingView plans and upgrade page and see whether TradingView is currently offering trials. New users should be offered a free 30 days trial period for the Pro, Pro+, or Premium plans.

3. Select the 'Try free for 30 days' subscription of your choice. You'll need to select the Pro, Pro+, or Premium plan to trial at this stage.

(TradingView free trial periods for Pro, Pro+, and Premium plans)
(TradingView free trial periods for Pro, Pro+, and Premium plans)

4. Signup with a NEW email

(TradingView signup options)
(TradingView signup options)

5. Complete the credit card or PayPal details (required for the free trial period). Take

note of the auto-renewal date and trial hold amount.

(TradingView Billing Page)
(TradingView Billing Page)

6. Click 'Start 30-day free trial, and that's it! You may have to wait a few seconds but

you will be directed to a TradingView chart.

7. You're all set! Your free trial has started. You should now have access to all the

features of your selected plan. Don't forget to take note of the trial expiration date.

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