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Masitrades Overview: Who is Masitrades?

Who is Masitrades?

Masitrades, whose real name is Masooda Nisar, is a known figure in the trading education space. She offers a range of services geared toward helping traders understand and navigate the world of options trading.

What Does Masitrades Offer?

Masitrades offers an options trading course that covers various topics, from the basics to more advanced strategies. This includes understanding Level II, times and sales, technical indicators, and chart patterns. Scalping, day trading, and swinging strategies are also a part of the curriculum. Students are given an understanding of risk management and the psychology of trading. This course is offered for a one-time fee of $1500.

Students also have the opportunity to participate in live webinars and have access to recordings for six months. A breakdown of futures trading is also included, and students are given six months of free access to her Discord server.

In addition to her course, Masitrades offers Discord access for a recurring monthly fee of $200. This includes live mentorship webinars with Masi and her team, a pre-market game plan, watchlists, target levels posted every morning, live text commentary during market hours, and live voice trading with Masi and admins twice a week.

For those interested in more personalized instruction, Masitrades also offers a 1v1 mentorship program for a one-time fee of $5000. This includes a full options 101 breakdown, strategies for day trading and swing trading, understanding naked calls/puts, risk management, technical indicators, trading psychology, charting techniques, and setting up your broker. You’ll also learn about chart patterns and plays, scalping strategies, and be given three follow-up 1v1s with Masi.

Masitrades vs HaiKhuu Trading

While Masitrades offers a comprehensive suite of services and products, another option worth considering is HaiKhuu Trading. HaiKhuu Trading is a trading community that aims to help traders succeed in an ever-changing market, regardless of their level of experience.

HaiKhuu’s mission is to create an open environment where traders can learn from one another and from professional traders who provide education on how to navigate the stock market efficiently and effectively. HaiKhuu Trading aims to educate everyone on how to invest in their future, create a consistent stream of income, and achieve financial success & independence​.

HaiKhuu Trading offers free access to its trading community. This includes a free stock trading chat room, free trading education, free options trading chat room, free cryptocurrency trading chat room, free trading resources, free earnings reports, and free news reports​3​.

Masitrades | Bottom Line

While both Masitrades and HaiKhuu Trading offer options for those interested in learning more about trading, the choice between the two will depend on your specific needs and budget.

aiKhuu Trading provides an open and collaborative community environment that offers a range of free resources. This might be a better fit for those who prefer learning in a more community-driven setting or are just starting out and would like to explore before committing financially.

If you want to learn more about what HaiKhuu Trading can offer you, visit to explore their community and resources.

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