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Humbled Trader Net Worth & Biography (2024)

Humbled Trader Net Worth – $5 Million

Meet Humbled Trader, the Canadian trading influencer who, starting with zero knowledge, has earned an impressive $5 million through her astute day trading strategies.

Who is Humbled Trader?

Behind the online persona, Humbled Trader, is a resilient woman named Shay, who embarked on her trading journey back in 2014. Initially an outsider to the world of trading, she faced countless challenges, including significant losses.

However, her determination saw her through, leading her to become a full-time trader, operating right from the comfort of her home. Today, she boasts a net worth of $5 million, a testament to her remarkable journey.

How Did Humbled Trader Ascend the Financial Ladder?

Before becoming a celebrated trader, Shay had her stint in labor-intensive industries like film and VFX. Despite the pay being fair, the hours were grueling, pushing her to find a better way to financial freedom. This quest led her to day trading in 2014 – a type of trading that entails buying and selling financial instruments within the same day.

Contrary to her initial belief, Shay quickly realized that day trading wasn’t an easy route to riches. It demanded her to hone her skills, broaden her knowledge, exercise discipline, and exhibit patience. She grappled with her share of failures, including devastating losses, bad advice, and emotional trading, with one trade loss amounting to over $20,000.

As a trader, it is vital to have the proper setup. such as a trading PC or laptop and multiple monitors suitable for trading.

Breaking Down Humbled Trader’s Wealth

As of 2024, Humbled Trader’s net worth stands at an impressive $5 million. But where exactly does this wealth come from? Here are the key income sources contributing to her fortune:

  • Trading Profits: This forms the backbone of her income, and she trades across stocks, options, futures, and cryptocurrencies using various strategies and indicators.
  • YouTube Channel: Shay began her YouTube channel in 2018, offering realistic and authentic content about day trading. With more than 900k subscribers and over 50 million views, she earns a significant income from YouTube ad revenue.
  • Trading Products: In addition to her YouTube channel, she also earns from the sale of her trading products, including courses, books, merchandise, and software tools.

Humbled Trader’s Impact on the Trading Community

Beyond her personal success, Shay’s influence and inspiration extend far and wide through her YouTube channel and the Humbled Trader Community. She’s managed to create a platform that’s not only financially rewarding but also helps aspiring traders globally.

Her YouTube channel, with its regular uploads of market analysis, trading strategies, and personal anecdotes, serves as a trove of information and entertainment. The channel has garnered positive feedback, with many viewers crediting their trading success to Shay’s guidance.

The Humbled Trader Community, her premium membership program, fosters an environment where traders can learn, network, and grow together. Many members attribute their consistent trading success to the resources offered by the program.

The HaiKhuu Trading Community

Taking cues from the success stories of figures like Humbled Trader, the HaiKhuu Trading Community is committed to simplifying the intricacies of the financial markets.

The HaiKhuu Trading Community is an environment crafted to enhance your trading skills, no matter your experience level.


What is Humbled Trader’s real name, and where does she live?

  • Humbled Trader is Shay, residing in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

What trading strategies and indicators does Humbled Trader use?

  • She employs various strategies and indicators like VWAP, MACD, RSI, Bollinger Bands, and Fibonacci retracements. You can use these indicators for free with TradingView!

How much does Humbled Trader make from YouTube?

  • While her exact YouTube earnings remain undisclosed, estimates suggest she makes over $10k per month from ads alone. Her trading profits, although undisclosed, are said to offer her a comfortable lifestyle.

Shay has proven that with determination, the right strategies, and the will to learn from failures, day trading can be a viable route to financial success. The journey may not be easy, but as she often says, the challenge and thrill make it worthwhile.

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