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TC2000 Free Trial – Can You Use TC2000 for Free?

TC2000 is a popular charting platform for stocks, but to access all of its features, there is a subscription fee. Continue reading to learn if you can get a TC2000 free trial, what features a free account allows you to access, and how TC2000 compares to the competition. 

Can You Get a TC2000 Free Trial?

TC2000 offers a downloadable desktop app plus a web-based trading platform, which you can use for free when you create an account. However, there is no TC2000 free trial for its premium features. 

If you are interested in using the premium features of TC2000, you can use my TC2000 discounted link to save $25 on your subscription, which will give you essentially 1-3 months free, depending on which plan you pick. 

TC2000 Free vs. Paid Account Differences

While many TC2000 features require a paid subscription, you can still use the free version to test it out. Here is a breakdown of what you can do on a free TC2000 account:

TC2000 Free Account Features

  • Create personal watchlists
  • Use various indicators like the RSI, Ichimoku, volume at price, and more
  • Chart most stocks with delayed data
  • Use all timeframes down to the 1-minute (with delayed data)

tc2000 free trial image with indicators enabled
Free TC2000 Account With RSI, Volume at Price, and Ichimoku Indicators Enabled

TC2000 Paid Account Features

  • Access real-time data
  • Set alerts
  • Access the TC2000 library
  • View TC2000’s notes and news feature
  • Place trades

TC2000 Web Platform vs. Desktop Platform

There are not many differences between the TC2000 web platform and the desktop platform. The only main difference I noticed when testing them is that the desktop platform runs much smoother. 

The web-based platform is a great option if you are using a public or work device, but if you can, I’d recommend downloading the desktop platform. Free accounts can use either platform as well, so even if you are just testing the free TC2000 version, I would recommend the desktop platform for performance reasons. 

What Assets Can You Chart on TC2000?

TC2000 allows you to chart stocks, ETFs, and options. Therefore, you should consider other platforms like TradingView if you want to track crypto, futures, and forex as well. 

TC2000 vs. the Competition

While TC2000 is a great charting platform, there are many other options available, such as TradingView, TrendSpider, Trade Ideas, and many more. All of these platforms have unique strengths and weaknesses, but overall, I would say TradingView is the best charting software for stocks. 

TradingView offers nearly real-time data for most assets for free and allows you to chart all markets, including stocks, futures, crypto, forex, and more, from a single platform. You can check out my comparison articles of these platforms below:

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