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How to Add Multiple Charts in TradingView

Updated: Aug 10

Firstly, a TradingView paid subscription is required to add multiple charts to a single layout. You'll need to upgrade your plan if you don’t already have a paid subscription.

To add multiple charts in TradingView, follow this step-by-step guide:

1. Navigate to the TradingView top bar menu and find the ‘Select layout’ icon.


2. In the dropdown menu, select the chart layout composition of your choice. Note that different subscriptions may have different layouts unlocked.

TradingView multiple charts.

Types of TradingView Multiple Charts Layouts

Here are all the chart layouts that TradingView currently offers.

TradingView multiple charts.

Users with the Pro plan have layout 1&2 unlocked.

Users with the Pro+ plan have additional layouts 3&4 unlocked along with the Pro plan layouts.

Users with a Premium plan have all layouts unlocked.

How to Save TradingView Multiple Charts Layout

After building your multiple chart layout, you must save it to retain your charts for future use.

To save a TradingView layout, follow these step-by-step instructions:

1. Go to the chart interface top menu bar and select the ‘Manage Chart layouts’

dropdown menu.

TradingView multiple charts.

2. In the dropdown menu, select ‘Rename.’

TradingView multiple charts.

3. Name your new layout and click ‘Save.’

TradingView multiple charts.

Your new layout is now saved.

To retrieve this layout: Go to ‘Manage Chart layouts’ > ‘Load Chart Layout.’

In the ‘Load layout’ window, select the chart layout you want to load.

Your selected layout will load immediately.

How to Get TradingView Multiple Charts for Free

The free plan does not allow using multiple charts, but fortunately, TradingView usually offers a free trial for new users for every one of their paid plans.

You will also gain access to more technical indicators that free members do not get.

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