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Footprint Charts TradingView: Enhance Your Trading with Custom Indicators

Updated: Apr 5

Footprint charts have become an indispensable tool for traders seeking a granular view of order flow data and market dynamics. Although TradingView does not offer footprint charts as a native feature, custom indicators developed by the TradingView community provide similar functionality.

This article explores the essentials of footprint charts and highlights two custom indicators on TradingView that bring this powerful analysis tool to your fingertips.

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Understanding Footprint Charts

Footprint charts offer a unique perspective on market activity by visualizing traded volume, bid/ask orders, and order flow imbalances at each price level within a specific time frame.

By providing insights into the behavior of buyers and sellers, footprint charts enable traders to identify key areas of support and resistance and make informed trading decisions.

Footprint charts on TradingView

Footprint Chart Functionality on TradingView: Custom Indicators

While footprint charts are not natively available on TradingView, users can leverage custom indicators that replicate their functionality. Two notable custom indicators are "Footprint Classic" by Investor_R and "Footprint" by MarketWhisperer.

  • Footprint Classic by Investor_R: This indicator analyzes volume data within candles, splitting it into Up volume and Down volume. It offers similar analysis to how Volume Profile evaluates volume data, providing valuable insights into market liquidity and trading activity.

  • Footprint by MarketWhisperer: Developed by MarketWhisperer, this indicator provides real-time analysis of order flow data, helping traders identify potential trade entry and exit points. It visualizes volume imbalances and reveals key levels of buying and selling pressure.

Strategies for Trading with Footprint Charts

Custom footprint chart indicators can be utilized in various trading strategies:

  • Identifying Key Levels: Footprint charts reveal areas of high liquidity and trading activity, helping traders pinpoint potential support and resistance levels.

  • Detecting Order Flow Imbalances: Significant discrepancies between buying and selling pressure may signal potential trend reversals or points of capitulation.

How to Access and Use Custom Footprint Indicators on TradingView

Using custom footprint indicators on TradingView is a straightforward process:

  1. Navigate to the "Indicators" tab on the TradingView platform.

  2. Search for the desired custom indicator, such as "Footprint Classic" or "Footprint" by MarketWhisperer.

  3. Add the indicator to your chart and customize its settings according to your preferences.

  4. Analyze the chart and apply the insights gained from the footprint chart indicator to your trading decisions.

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Footprint Charts on TradingView | Bottom Line

Footprint charts are a valuable addition to any trader's toolkit, providing unparalleled insights into market dynamics. Through custom indicators like "Footprint Classic" and "Footprint" by MarketWhisperer, TradingView users can harness the power of footprint charts to enhance their trading performance.

Whether you're an experienced trader or just starting, exploring custom footprint chart indicators on TradingView can help you navigate the markets with confidence and achieve your trading goals.

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