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The Top 4 Best Charting Software for Stocks (2023)

Updated: May 17

In this article, we'll dive into four top charting platforms—TradingView, Finviz, Barchart, and StockCharts—highlighting their standout features and how they can enhance your trading experience.

The Best Charting Software for Stocks


TradingView is a comprehensive charting solution that offers a wide range of tools and features, including:

  • An extensive library of technical indicators

  • Customizable charts and drawing tools

  • Real-time data and alerts

  • Community-made custom indicators

  • Sleek and quick interface

Whether you're a seasoned trader or just getting started, TradingView has something for everyone. With real-time data and several indicators at your fingertips, you can confidently navigate the markets.

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Finviz is a stock analytics software known for its intuitive interface and quick stock analysis capabilities. Key features include:

  • Real-time data and quotes

  • Advanced visualizations and trend lines

  • Backtesting capabilities

  • Powerful stock screener

For a detailed comparison with TradingView, check out our article on TradingView vs. Finviz.



Barchart offers a wealth of market data and analysis tools to help you stay ahead of the game:

  • Comprehensive market coverage

  • Customizable watchlists and alerts

  • In-depth technical and fundamental analysis

  • Exclusive market commentary

For insights into Barchart's strengths and how it compares to TradingView, read our article on Barchart vs. TradingView.



StockCharts provides advanced charting tools for technical traders:

  • Flexible chart types and overlays

  • Annotated charts and technical scans

  • Expert market commentary and analysis

  • Custom alerts and notifications

For a head-to-head comparison, see our article on TradingView vs. StockCharts.


Making the Right Choice for Your Trading Needs

When it comes to charting software, the right choice depends on your trading style and needs. Consider the features, pricing, and user experience of each platform. Keep in mind that TradingView's special offer is an excellent opportunity to try out premium features.